Miss Mr Grand Sea

Mr. Teen Grand Sea `18 - Dimitar Shikov: I made great friends

Mr Teen 2018 Dimitar Shikov

Dimitar Shikov is the winner of the International Beauty Contest "Miss & Mr. Grand Sea World " 2018. This year it was held in Sandanski, Bulgaria. Mitko is the representative of Bulgaria. Here's what the winner told for as:

Did you expect to win the contest “Miss and Mister Grand Sea World”? 

I didn’t actually expect to win the contest till the final. It was unpredictable and really interesting.

Nr Teen 2018

Which is the moment you will never forget?

I won’t forget the whole contest. I won’t forget after the final how everyone was so happy, taking pictures, giving hugs... It was amazing!

Mr Teen 2018

What do you think about the other participants?

I think that every single one of them is amazing. I made great friends. All of them were so kind and friendly, I love them!

Mr Teen 2018

Do you like Bulgaria? What are your impressions of our country?

Amazing and beautiful country!




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