Miss Mr Grand Sea

Mrs. Grand Sea`18 - Viktoria Petkova: this experience it was unique

Mrs Grand Sea World 2018

Viktoria Petkova is the winner of the International Beauty Contest "Miss & Mr. Grand Sea World " 2018. This year it was held in Sandanski, Bulgaria. Viki is the representative of Bulgaria. Here's what the winner told for as:


Did you expect to win the contest “Miss and Mister Grand Sea World 2018”?

I hope to win like everything I start to do. This is my character but the truth is with my participation in Miss and Mr. Grand sea World 2018 I`m already a winner because of this experience it was unique, positive and interesting. 

Mrs Grand Sea World 2018

Which is the moment you will never forget?

The moments which I will never forget was the amazing parade in which every of the participates was dressed in their national costumes. Every single one of them was so proud of having this opportunity to represent their country wearing national costumes. This was the really special moment. And of course the final of the show the amazing performers so talented people. To being part of it was something special.  Especially when everything finishes with crown – a symbol of victory and recognition of your qualities. I`m happy for our country was a host of a contest of this rank.

Mrs Grand Sea World 2018

What do you think about the other participants?

There were so many participants with some of them we make a friendship. I believe that they think the same way.  I learn so many things for their cultures. Besides the feeling of competition between the participates the leading atmosphere was the tolerance between nations. 

Mrs Grand Sea World 2018

Do you like Bulgaria? What are your impressions of our country?

I represent Bulgaria and I`m grateful for this opportunity. I love my country a lot and I make everything as possible to share this love to the next generation with my books which I make for Bulgaria.




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