Mr. Grand Sea 2017 - Rami Atalla: I love Bulgaria

Rami Atala the Winner

Rami Atalla is the winner of the International Beauty Contest "Miss & Mr. Grand Sea " 2017. This year it was held in the Bulgarian capital city, Sofia. Rami is the representative of Lebanon. Here's what the winner told our media partner, after the final of the contest.

Did you expect to win the contest “Miss and Mister Grand Sea”?
No, I did not expect to win because the other contestants were very strong contestants. But I was mostly afraid that Mr. Bulgaria would win because he is a strong contestant and because it is his home country.

Rami Atalla The winnerWhich is the moment you will never forget?
I will never forget the moment when my name was called as the winner. It was very memorable to me because it is my first time competing in a pageant and I worked so hard to prepare for that day.

Rammi Atalla The WinnerWhat do you think about the other participants?
As I mentioned before, the other participants were very strong contestants but what really stood out to me the most was how friendly they were to me. I really enjoyed my time in Sofia because the other contestants made the whole week very memorable.

Rami Atalla The WinnerDo you like Bulgaria? What are your impressions of our country?
Of course, I like Bulgaria. It was not my first time coming to this country as I previously travelled to Varna last year. Upon arrival to Sofia, I felt very at home as it resembles my home country, Lebanon, so much. The people who I met throughout the week from Sofia were all so welcoming and helpful. I love Bulgaria and I will definitely be travelling back in the future.




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