Miss Mr Grand Sea

Finale of Miss & Mr. Grand Sea`17 will be hosted by Rainbow Plaza.

Rainbow Plaza

The Grand finale of Miss & Mr. Grand Sea 2017 will be hosted by Rainbow Plaza.

The Rainbow Plaza is part of a new, modern business centre. It features stylish, modern interiors, functionality and high technology equipment. Their brilliant sound and stage lighting will make all miss’s and misters in the contest feel like a Hollywood star, in this special night of nights for all contestants, partners and friends of Miss & Mr. Grand Sea 2017.
The respected jury will face a difficult choice picking the most beautiful women and men in the world.
Somewhere it's just a terrain for episodic expression, to others it is something special that gives the end an added value to each presentation. That's exactly what the Rainbow Plaza is - the best congress and showroom in Sofia/Bulgaria.
In the grand finale night, the hall will be totally transformed with special lights and interior to welcome and host all the special guests of the contest who will come especially to Sofia to be part of this unique show.
Contestants will have an extraordinary opportunity to show their best on the special stage, under thousands of lights specially designed for the show. The contestants will showcase fashion from the best Bulgarian designers, hair and makeup artists.

MMSEA BG is waiting to share this unforgettable moment with you!

Rainbow Plaza
Rainbow Plaza
Rainbow Plaza
Rainbow Plaza
Rainbow Plaza
Rainbow Plaza
Rainbow Plaza
Rainbow Plaza




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