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Become a National Director with one of our franchises, and be part of a magical pageant If you have previously run a pageant or ever fancied giving it ago, now is your opportunity to do so!

We are looking for National Directors around the Globe to bring together boys, girls, women, and the men from all walks of lives, ethnicities, and cultures.
Miss & Mr. Grand Sea is an international pageant open to females aged 4 upwards l, with the annual final being held over 1 week. 
Applications for franchises for regional or national license holders are currently open. Interested parties would be provided with a draft License Agreement, and should this be accepted the license and exclusivity to the available Country will be granted open receipt of the signed agreement and deposit payment.
We appoint one National Director per country, who is responsible for finding a representative for each of our 3 * age categories.
- Miss & Mr. – 19 to 30 years old
- Miss & Mr. Teen – 16 to 18 years old
- Miss & Mr. Children – 12 to 15 years old *

License holders would be promoted as the contestants sponsor at the grand final and receive advertising on our website and official Facebook page.
All competitions should be held no later than 31st March, to ensure enough time for the finalist to prepare for the contest. We would recommend a minimum of 3 months planning for any event.
The way in which a license holder chooses to run a selection is entirely up to them (eg online or live event), so long as the judging and pricing are fair, and they uphold a good standard of presentation representing our brand.
The license gives exclusive rights to the license holder to be the sole organizer in that region/county/state, so no other license will be sold in that area for the chosen year, and all entries we receive from there on during that year will be directed to the National Director.
* All under 18s must be accompanied by at least 1 full paying female adult.
* The way in which the license holder in turn benefits financially is mainly through sponsorship fees. Each finalist is normally asked to find a business sponsor or raise funds through a fundraising event, or can even self-fund, and in return, that company receives advertising at the event.
You can contact us for further details on how to offer this.




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